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Brenda offers workshops, retreats, and training both online and in-person internationally. If you would like to invite her for an event, please contact her at

40-Day Journeys

40-Day Soham Meditation Journey Traditional Yoga Studies

40-Day Soham Meditation Journey

Join me to a 40 day journey into the Soham meditation where you’ll explore various approaches to find one that feels best for you, at this time.

40-Day OM Meditation Journey Traditional Yoga Studies

40-Day OM Meditation Journey

During this 40-day journey we’ll be exploring various approaches to the OM meditation. This journey will help you form a positive meditation practice which you can continue for years to come!

40-Day Yoga-Nidrā Journey Traditional Yoga Studies

40-Day Yoga-Nidrā Journey

During this 40-day Journey you’ll experience various approaches to Yoga-Nidrā that may help bring about a deeper sense of calm, rejuvenation, and inner transformation.


Tibetan Subtle Body Workshop

Tibetan Subtle Body Workshop

During this 2 hour recorded workshop you’ll learn a purification practice for the subtle body, a mantra with mudras for purification of the elements and the physical body, and a mantra with two variations. 

Identifying Your Inner Resource Workshop

Personal Growth and Development

Explore our wide range of workshops and courses that will help you grow personally and professionally.

Fundamentals of Mindfulness Meditation - Traditional Yoga Studies

Fundamentals of Mindfulness Meditation

Coming in 2022.
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