Yoga Philosophy: An Overview (35-Hour Course)

The purpose of this course is to introduce the essential aspects of Yoga philosophy and history in a user-friendly manner while finding various ways to apply it to everyday life.


The particular purpose of the 35-hour Yoga Philosophy Overview course is to help students better understand the essential aspects of Yoga and, at the same time, the course aims at encouraging students to translate this knowledge into daily practice. 

Please note if you have participated in a Yoga teacher training program that used our Yoga Philosophy Training Manual this course would not be suited to your needs. You may want to consider one of our other courses.

Course Materials:

There are no required texts for this course however, students may find the following books useful for their studies:

  1. Yoga Morality by Georg Feuerstein
  2. The Matrix of Yoga by Georg and Brenda Feuerstein
  3. The Encyclopedia of Yoga and Tantra

Time Frame:

There is no deadline for this course. Make the course a real Yoga experience and enjoy it, without worrying about the deadline.


If you’re interested in receiving a certificate of completion, you’re required to complete all quizzes.

International Students:

The course contains technical material and involves quizzes, which means that students need to have competence in English. Our tutoring does not include help with the English language. We ask all non-English speaking students to please carefully appraise their level of linguistic competence before signing up, as no refunds will be possible.


From our perspective, the spiritual insights gained from studying the course are more important, but most students rightly also would like to have a certificate for their efforts. So, yes, successful graduates (who have completed all quizzes satisfactorily) will receive a TYS certificate of completion.

Yoga Alliance Credits:

This course qualifies for 35-hours of YACEP credits. If you require credits please contact us here and we can have that set up for you upon completion of the program. Please note this option is subject to change.


The course is 49.00 Canadian.

Payment Method:

We accept payment via credit card. If you’re Canadian and would like to pay by e-transfer please contact us directly here.

Refund Policy:

Once you have purchased the course, NO refunds will be made. Please be certain prior to signing up for the course.


To date, well over 100 students have taken the course, and the first cadre of students graduated at the end of 2009. They come from all walks of life—from stay-at-home parents and caregivers with a passionate interest in Yoga spirituality to Yoga teachers to university professors as well as spiritual directors. Many people acquire the course simply as a useful resource, without wishing a certificate. But those who choose to do complete the quizzes and essays are likely to benefit from the course not merely intellectually but also spiritually.

We are often asked this question. The course does seek to transmit the depth of yogic wisdom and therefore calls for a fair amount of mental labor. HOWEVER, it includes practical assignments, mainly by way of numerous “For Reflection” questions, and many of our students have told us that these have made the course come alive for them and boosted their spiritual practice. If you are looking for an easy course, this one is not for you! You definitely are expected to work. BUT if you really want to know more about Yoga and also be challenged in your practice, you will not be disappointed. If you’re looking for an entry level course, one of our other courses may be better suited unless you want to really dive into the teachings.

You’ll have ongoing access for the full two years.

If you would like a certificate for the program and require an extension we grant a one-year extension for 10.00. To apply for the extension please contact us directly here.

Our students are located all over the world, and for many it would be entirely impractical to travel long distances to attend a seminar or retreat, however we do offer online retreats at this time and we hope in the future there will be an opportunity for an annual in-person retreat for those who are able to travel. We believe that our well-designed course materials are completely adequate to help you complete the course successfully.

The course begins the moment you purchase it. After your purchase you will be redirected to the course online.

Yoga Philosophy:
An Overview (35-Hour Course)

If you would like to register for the course and receive a print Study Guide, please contact us directly for pricing.